You may somehow want to cancel your subscription and no longe use Tapon.Bio. We respect to your decisions. 

Free Account : You can always cancel your account and request deletion of your data. 

Trial: After/Before your trial period you always have cancel, roll back to free account or cancel your account accordingly. 

Paid: If you enrolled to Tapon.Bio Biolink & Link Shortening Services with paid subscription and want to cancel your account there is no hassle 30 days full refunds.


Yearly/Lifetime Subscriptions
We accept cancellation and refund requests by only account owner application from the below form. Unless Tapon.Bio requires additional information your refunds will be done after the use of time has been deducted from the total time. Lifetime subscriptions are not sentenced for full refund. We will calculate and deduct the time of usage by years. 

Cancellation & Refunds Request

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